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We carry the best range of Fabricated Fencing in Australia.

Our range consists of Zinc Aluminium or galvanised. Options for Australian made or imported. Whether its Hinge Joint, Farm Lock, Lock Knot, Rural Netting or any other style of fabricated fence, we’ve got shed loads in stock. Our fencing will suit Boundaries, Horse, Dog, Pig, Goat, Alpaca, Deer,Emu, Cattle, Rabbit or any other livestock.

Farm Lock Roll Sizes -------- Gal Hinge Joint Roll Sizes

ProductHorizontalsHeightVertical spacingsRoll lengthWire typeKnot stylePurpose
6/70/30670cm30cm200mtrsGalvHinge JointBoundary/ Cattle/ Large Stock
8/90/15890cm15cm100mtrsGalvHinge JointSheep/Goat/Pig/ Dog
7/90/30790cm30cm200mtrsGalvHinge JointBoundary/Cattle/ Large Stock
8/90/30890cm30cm200mtrsGalvHinge JointBoundary/Cattle/ Large Stock
10/90/51090cm5cm50mtrsGalvLock KnotHorse
8/1150/158115cm15cm100mtrsGalvHinge JointSheep/Goat/Pig/ Dog/ Alpaca
12/120/1512120cm15cm50mtrsGalvLock KnotGoat/Pig/Dog
13/1200/513120cm5cm50mtrsGalvLock KnotHorse/Safety Mesh
11/420/1511142cm15cm100mtrsGalvHinge JointSheep/Goat/Pig/ Dog/ Alpaca
15/1550/1515155cm15cm100mtrsGalvFarm LockDeer/Emu/Alpaca/ Human
17/190/1517190cm15cm100mtrsGalvFarm LockDeer/Emu/Alpaca/ Human
19/183/1519183cm15cm60mtrsGalvLock KnotDeer/Emu/Alpaca/ Human


Our Galvanised Hinge Joint is Aussie made 100%, back up and quality we wont be beaten on price, service and advice. Speak to one of our team today or fill in our enquiry form.


Chain Mesh fencing

Chain Mesh fencing is very popular for safety, human security, goat fencing, tennis courts, deer fence and the list goes on. It comes in two styles. Smooth top and bottom, commonly knowns as knuckle / knuckle and smooth bottom and barbed top commonly know as knuckle / barb. We supply in a black PVC or heavy galv.
All our rolls are 15mtrs and we stock a large range.

Available Colstream and Whittlesea