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Safety Requirements

Only one energiser may be connected to a fence.
Barbed wire MUST NOT be electrified.
Energisers should, if possible, be installed inside a building in a position free from the risk of mechanical damage. If mounted outdoors, they should be mounted on a substantial structure in a position free from mechanical damage.
Each energiser should be connected to a separate earthing peg, at least 10 metres away from any other earthing device.
Fence lines crossing beneath overhead power lines should be avoided wherever possible. If such a crossing cannot be avoided, it should be made underneath the power lines and as nearly as possible at right angles to it.
If an electric fence has to be installed in the vicinity of an overhead power line, the vertical distance between any fence wire or connecting lead and surface of the earth should not exceed 2 metres.
Fence wiring should be so installed that it is well away from telephone or telegraph line or radio aerials.
An electric fence, when installed in such a position that members of the public might reasonably be expected to touch it, should be identified by suitable signs clamped to conductor or fastened to the post at intervals at regular intervals. The signs should have a size of 200mm x 100mm. The inscription on the sign should take the form of either the symbol below of the words "ELECTRIC FENCE". Any lettering should have a height of at least 25mm. It is recommended that the basic colour of the sign be yellow inscription.

Where the energiser is to supply a system of conductors used for detering birds from roosting on buildings, no conductor should be connected to earth. A switch should be installed to provide a means of isolating the controller from all poles of the supply and clear warning notices should be fitted at every point where persons may have ready access to the conductors. The notice shall be the same as that described in No. 7 (above).
In Bush Fire high risk times, it is advisable to power the energiser from the low power terminals or switch the unit off.
DO NOT store flammable goods near an electric fence because if a fault is present a spark can be produced.