Tapered Treated Pine Posts, complete range and sizes are available. We have the best quality pine post in the eastern Suburbs. Rural Fence and Trade posts are H4 treated.

Taper Available Available in lengths
100mmm to 125mm (4" to 5") 1.8 mtr -2.1mtr - 2.4mtr - 3.0mtr - 3.6mtr - 4.2mtr - 4.8mtr - 6mtr
125 to 150 mm (5" to 6") 1.8 mtr -2.1mtr - 2.4mtr - 3.0mtr -3.6mtr - 4.2mtr - 4.8mtr
150mm to 200mm (6" to 8"0) 2.1mtr - 2.4mtr - 3.0mtr - 3.6mtr

Treated Pine Posts are treated to H4 (Est 30 to 40 years in ground) and are always treated to the Australian standard. It is very important that you only invest once as buying cheap alternative will cost you double in a very short time.

Prior to treatment our posts are dried within the australian standard of 0 to 30% moisture content. When buying pine posts be sure to check quality as your saving could disintegrate in no time at all “literally”

Second hand posts in most cases have already leached out and their lifespan is mininmal just like their price. Buyer Beware! NOTE: We don't sell second hand posts.

If we don’t list the post you are looking for please call to discuss your requirement.

Size Black Hot Dip Gal Sling Qty
450 400
600 400
900 400
1350 400
1500 400
1650 400
1800 200/400
2100 200/400
2400 200/400
Steel Fence Posts

Star Steel Pickets, Heavy, “non sticky” Black or galvanised, hot dipped. Packed in 10 units or slings of 400. A quality steel post that drive true and saves you dollars. 1.93 kc/pm - Heavy Duty


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