We offer many  Wire options. Our wire is manufactured to stand the test of time. Quality in sales history creates the demand for our Fencing Wire. We stock a substantial range of differing tensile wire to support your next project.

Our Barb Wire is Aussie made. Our barb is high tensile with barb spacings at 4” the reverse twist allows the wire to roll off the spool without tangling and each roll is supplied on wooden spools. Great value.

Rabbit Wire. Simple, solid rabbit rural netting.

When Fox Rabbit or Dog proofing be sure to check out our range of heavy duty rural netting. We also offer an eco option for the price conscious.

Chicken  Wire. We stock a full range of chicken wire.

Fifty metre rolls at discount prices.

NOTE. Do not use chicken wire for fox, dog or rabbit proofing.

Plain  Wire. We have a huge range of Fencing wire. galvanised or zinc aluminium option. The price and range is second to none, call now to check.

Wire Diameter Length Spool
1.57mm 500mtr Timber
2.50mm(IOWA Soft Galvanised) 400mtr Wire
Hole size Wire diameter Height Length
40mm 1.4mm 300mm 50mtr
40mm 1.4mm 600mm 50mtr
40mm 1.4mm 900mm 50mtr
40mm 1.4mm 900mm 100mtr
40mm 1.4mm 1050mm 50mtr
40mm 1.4mm 1050mm 100mtr
40mm 1.4mm 1200mm 50mtr
40mm 1.4mm 1800mm 50mtr
Hole size Wire diameter Height Length
50mm 1.0mm 900mm 50mtr
50mm 1.0mm 1200mm 50mtr
50mm 1.0mm 1800mm 50mtr
Length Wire Diameter Wire Type
300mtr 2.5mm Galvanised Medium
1500mtr 2.5mm Galvanised Medium or High Tensile
1500mtr 2.5mm Galvanised High Tensile
400mtr 3.00mm wire + 1.00mm coat = 4.00mm PVC Coated Horse Sight Wire
770mtr 4.0mm Nylon Horse Sita Wire
1000mtr 2.65mm Galvanised HT Growire

We also stock a full range of 30m Weld Mesh rolls from 900 high to 1800 high. Our range of project mesh is extensive. This product is also known as weld mesh and the joining points are welded joins unlike the knot style of fence.

These rolls are handy and easy to use. The wire is soft and easy to bend and the product is commonly used for containing dogs, sheep, chooks and smaller animals.

Part # Project / Weld Mesh - Dog Mesh
22344 900 high 100 x 100 squares - 30m roll
22375 900 high 50 x 75 squares - 30m roll
22444 1200 high 100 x 100 squares - 30m roll
22475 1200 high 75 x 50 squares - 30m roll
21987 1800 high 75 x 50 squares - 30m roll
22001 1200 high staged spacings - 30m roll
22002 1800 high staged spacings - 30m roll
SYMESH 6mtr x 1100 x 5mm Sheep Yard Mesh Panels

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