Suits  Mesh and Chain Link  Fencing of all types. Market leader in nailing systems with a comprehensive range of gas and pneumatic tools, an extensive service and repair network throughout Australia providing superior after sales service and warranty support. Deer Fencing and other high tensile wire applications. Utility pole copper ground wire installation.


Quickly and consistently secures ring fasteners

Reduces manual effort, improves productivity

Ergonomic and comfortable to operate

The RINGfast pneumatic ring fastening tool quickly and consistently secures ring fasteners.

Faster than manual tools, reliable and relatively effortless,the pneumatic operation produces consistent rings - fast - reducing manual effort and improving productivity

The tool has been designed with an ergonomic grip and is balanced for comfortable operation.

Pneumatic ST-400 Hot Dipped Galvanised

Barbed Fencing Staples

Pneumatic Fence Staplers for Rural Farm and wire mesh.

Airco Battery Operated Clip Gun

Battery Operated


No Compressor or hoses required

Closes fasteners easily

Easily portable


14.4V Li-ion battery

12 Months warranty

In stock now

rural fence demonstration
Airco Stapler Demonstration

Airco TT315 Gas Stapler

Applications :

Batten fencing for livestock, fastening all types fabricated mesh fencing for horticulure, vineyard trellising, fastening fencing wires to woodenposts, anywhere a hand driven 3.15mm U staple is used offering three to four times faster installation.

Weight 3.4 kg, Battery 6V, Charge time 2 Hours, 2 Staples per second, Used in conjunction with Fuel Cell, Shots per Fuel Cell up to 1200. Fasteners for Airco Staplers always available.

ST400i-Cordless Stapler


fencing stapler gun kit
fence staple gun

ST400i Cordless Fence Post Stapler.

The ST400i is the worlds first 4mm diameter / 9 Gauge cordless fencing stapler that makes fencing faster, easier and more safer for the fencer/fencing contractor.

The ST400i Cordless Fencing Stapler is just as powerful as our popular Pneumatic ST400 fencing stapler but is not reliant on compressors and hoses. After listening to our customers, we have engineered this tool to help you be even more efficient during the day. This fencing stapler will revolutionize stapling in the fencing industry. It is safe and allows you to fire staples with one hand, allowing you to keep your second hand out of harms way.

The ST400i has outstanding power allowing you to fire up to 650 staples per fuel cell and in conjunction with the 3.7V Li-ion battery, you can fire 3000 staples per charge per battery. The ST400i kit also comes with 2 batteries so you will never run out of power.

This fencing stapler is compatible with the Power Staple Insulator Guide Attachment allowing you to easily erect an electric fence by using the PEL Wood Post Claw Insulators (sold seperately).


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