StudX is our Penetrating

         Black Fence Finish.




Extends the life of your fencing - Reduces water

absorption, and still lets the timber breathe

Contains CribX which discourages horses from

cribbing and chewing (Animal and people safe)

UV Stable -  A long lasting finish that doesn’t rub

off or mark animals coats

Environmentally Friendly - Water Based and Non


Rapid drying

Easy Clean up. Brushes and tools clean up in


Application: Brush, roller or spray (recommended). Clean up-warm soapy water.

StudX Fencing Paint applies easily and dries rapidly to give an excellent flat black finish. It is long lasting and looks great

20 ltrs 100mtrs single rail
30 ltrs 100mtrs double rail
40 ltrs 100mtrs triple rail



CribX is a anti cribbing / chewing concentrate.

Applied to timber surfaces, it has a repulsive taste which discourages horses from cribbing or chewing.

Cribbing, wind sucking and wood chewing is dangerous for your horses health - It can cause colic, dental damage & weight loss. It also damages your stables and fencing.

Colour: Clear


          Water/Weather resistant.

          Doesn't rub or wash off.

          Animal and people safe - Non Toxic

          Environmentally Friendly - Water Based       

        Non Hazardous.

          Rapid drying

          Easy Clean up. Brushes and tools clean up

        in water.

Coverage: Up to 14 square metres per litre depending upon surface porosity and application method.

Application: Brush, roller or spray. Clean up with warm soapy water


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