Nemtek products have become a household name and are now being specified by many governments, local authorities and industries as the product of choice to protect their utilities. Nemtek has a full range of horse electric fence products for keeping your horses safe and secure. This range includes portable and temporary horse electric fencing systems. We have also recently introduced our range of Petstop fencing products to keep your dogs and other pets safe and away from restricted areas.

These electric fence energizers work with any one of the following power sources making them very flexible.

- mains using our agri universal charger (220 volt)

- battery 12 Vdc, or

- solar and battery 12 Vdc

Agri 1/2J- up to 5 km of fence (0.5 joule)

Agri 1J - up to 10 km of fence (1 joule)

Agri 2J - up to 20 km of fence (2 joule)- includes LCD remote

Fence lengths quoted are for an ideal fence.

Robust design that can be used for both a permanent and temporary electric fencing system. APT - patented technology: Increases the voltage of the fence optimising the performance of the energizer.

Energizer electronics come with a two year warranty, subject to our standard terms and conditions.

*Programmable options via the hand held remote

•Adjustable fence operating voltage and pulse rate

• Independent day/night setting of fence voltage and pulse rate

• Accurate control of fence voltage over a wide range of fence conditions

• High intensity pulse rate and warning indicator

• Battery charge state indication (green/charged, yellow/low, red/discharged)

• Accurate battery voltage reporting and fence voltage reporting

• Energizer overload warning

Agri energizers - 5 km, 10 km, 20 km

Agri 1/2J to 5km

Agri 1J to 10km

Agri 2J to 20km


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