The EQUIROPE is a 6mm premium electric rope, which is UV stable. It has 8 pure coated copper conductors threaded through it, these 8 copper conductors ensure good conductivity at all times.

The coated conductors are designed to eliminate any bi-metalic reaction when recommended connectors and joiners are used. EQUIROPE is lightweight and easy to install, making it the perfect - permanent equine fencing option.

EQUIROPE can be tensioned without damaging the copper conductors, it is soft and flexible. EQUIROPE can be used as a stand alone fence or in conjunction with our Border Line or Plaswire. Available in White or Black.

Equirope White 500 metres

Equirope White 200 metres

Electric Tape 40mm

Temporary Electric Fencing Nitro 40mm Tape is a poly woven tape with 8 conductors giving good conductivity. For temporary and portable applications

Poly Twist 3.5 mm X 200 metres

Temporary Electric Fencing Poly twist is designed for temporary and portable applications. It is lightweight and easy to install.

Electric Tape 20mm

Temporary Electric Fencing Nitro 20mm Tape is a poly woven tape with 6 conductors giving good conductivity. For temporary and portable applications

Fencing accessories range from Poly rope, Hot tape, Insulators, Curlons, Electric Fence testers, sighter wire, steel post pin locks, gateway & switches, underground cables, wire joining, pigtail posts, earthing equipment.  In fact if it is not listed call us to check stock and pricing!

Fencing accessories

Double Insulated 1.6mm Underground Cable

16 gauge galvanised wire. Resistance of 100 Ohms/km (160 Ohms/mile).

2.5mm Fencing Tie Wire

Many other sizes available ion stock.

Digital Volt Meter

Auto on off

Reads up to 10,000 volts

5A fault locator

No wires needed

2 yr battery life

Large LCD Display

Fence Flasher

Flashes if fence is over 2,000 volts

Can be seen 1 KM away

Line Volt Tester

No batteries required

Lights flash @ 1500volt steps

The Fence Scope is a 4 in 1 tool, which helps diagnose problems on your fence to optimize electric fence installation and ensure that the fence continues to operate at ideal levels.

Fence Probe mode –quickly indicates the direction of a fence fault, showing the voltage and current.

Border Line Sighter Wire      100m & 600m Rolls

* Perfectly suited for smaller yards and top wire “sighter wire” applications

• Softer and flexible, therefore easier on your hands

• Recommended strain 3-4%

• Works with our EvagripTM Anchors

• Smooth round shape making it gentle on your hands during installation

• Have peace of mind that your horse is safer

• No steel


• Highly visible

• Very strong, yet lightweight

• Won’t peel or crack

• Does not sag, fade or peel

• Easy to install, saves time

• UV resistant

• No steel wire lacerations - reduced vet bills

• No special tools needed for straining

Solar panels always available from 5 - 80 watt. Extend your batteries life dramatically. Always have full starting power, higher reliability.

Wood Post Claw Insulator

Drive Screw Assembly (Wood Post)

40mm (1 1/2") Super Poly Tape Insulator

Equi Pinlock Wooden Post Insulator - Black

Wood Post Screw-in Ring Insulator

Wood Post Nail-on Insulator

We build our insulators from the highest quality materials designed to last a long time. The plastic insulators are made from UV stabilized polymers for sun resistance, toughness and durability. Our insulators feature long leakage paths and protective shields to achieve optimum performance from today's high powered energizers. Call for pricing in bulk or small orders.

No 31 porcelain offset 300 mm

Porcelain Bullnose Strain Insulator

Corner Insulator

U Staple Insulator

Star Post

Top Cap

Wire Anchor, use with timber post on end strainer post.

Wire Coupler.

Simple solution for joining Border Line.

Equirope Joiner

Roller Post Insulator

Cable Break Handles

3 Way Insulators

Spring Gate Kits

Tape Gate Kits


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