Bale Feeders - Equine - Cattle - Round & Square

bale feeder

Cattle Hay Feeder

3 Piece Hay Feeder

Main Frame Constructed from (30x30) SHS High

Tensile Galvanised Steel.

Galvanised Sheeted Sides 580mm High. Saves


15 Hoops made from 25x25 SHS. Offers Easy Access for Stock.

3 Piece Design Allows for Easy Transport, Assembly

and Access.

All Pre-Gal Material Used

round bale feeders

We always have stock of high quality equine and cattle Square & Round Bale Feeders.The Round Equine Feeder is 800mm high and wrapped in a 50mm x 100mm safety mesh to keep you horse safe. The frame is 25Nb and will last forever.

Our Round Heavy Duty Cattle Bale feeder is just that. Heavy Duty, 32Nb with solid welds and ready to sling over the top of your 6ft round bale.

They all keep feed contained, clean and the amount saved repays you in one season.

Small square bale feeder
Square bale feeder

Small square bale feeder.

Square bale feeder.

Call for stock prices.


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